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ArchiCAD 14 continues delivering productivity improvements for architects throughout the full cycle of the BIM workflow with a specific focus on completing the integration of the architectural workflow with the engineering world.

Great architecture requires collaboration of all design disciplines. Architects have a central role in coordinating all aspects of their design with other disciplines during the entire design process. ArchiCAD 14 turns IFC technology into full-fledged workflow solutions enabling collaboration with engineers regardless of their discipline or the name and version of the application they prefer working with. This "open" approach to interdisciplinary collaboration greatly broadens designers' options for real Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) resulting in faster delivered projects and significantly less coordination errors.

Open Design Collaboration

ArchiCAD 14 introduces workflow solutions that help bridge the different requirements for BIM models between architects and the various engineering disciplines of the AEC industry. Model mapping, element classification, IFC reference model version tracking and change management support help the coordination between architects and engineers become a smooth and automatic process. ArchiCAD 14 also moves forward with developments to its revolutionary BIM Server based Teamwork solution, further optimizing the management of design teams working on shared BIM projects.

Best-in-Class BIM Workflow

Productivity improvements to this latest version of ArchiCAD focus on the most requested global and local customer wishes. Enriched details to modeling construction elements, better 3D visualization, enhanced 2D drafting, improved handling of libraries and library parts, and refined user interactions are all included in the impressive list of productivity improvements. The results are faster and more polished design and documentation workflows with improved communication capabilities both with clients and consultants, making ArchiCAD 14 the premier BIM solution for architects worldwide.

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